Monkane Safari caters to the novice through professional hunters. The accommodations are excellent, with great care and attention to details and comfort. The hunting was absolutely FIRST RATE; we recovered every animal we hunted. The PH’s always have your safety as their first priority and ensure they put you on the animal you want to hunt. The trackers and skinners were incredible. In short - we can’t wait to return and hunt with Monkane Safari!

- Brian & Kim Kovol

In 2018, my wife Ashley and I hunted with Monkane Safaris for the first time, and we brought home spectacular memories and incredible trophies beyond our dreams when we first booked the trip. Kerneels Viljoen made certain that everything—meals, lodging, transportation, paperwork and logistics—was perfect. The highlights of the hunt included Ashley taking her first Cape Buffalo, a fine old bull, with one shot, and then taking a majestic 44-inch Sable. She also took a nice Nyala bull by archery. I had plenty of fun with my bow, too, taking a huge Kudu bull and Impala. Fulfilling a longtime dream, I successfully night hunted a Honey Badger and Bushpig, which took several nights of hard hunting and plenty of groundwork and preparation beforehand. I also took a 28-inch Golden Wildebeest and a 31-inch Waterbuck, both stunning trophies, not to mention a big old Giraffe bull with a gorgeous hide. We even got to visit a ranch that raises and protects a sizable herd of Rhinos, proof of the outstanding wildlife conservation in South Africa today. All in all, it was a first-rate experience, and we are in the process of re-booking with Monkane Safaris for another adventure next season. This time, we’ll be bringing friends along to enjoy their first African safari with Kerneels and his crew.

- Jim & Ashley Mcenroe

Kerneels was the Professional Hunter (PH) for my South African bowhunting safari in 2010. The service and advice he provided was outstanding. If I had a problem, like with laundry, he took care of it. If I was antsy when an animal approached he gave me good instructions for remaining calm. He consulted with me on trophy potential and desires, provided shot placement advice and meticulously reviewed video footage of every harvest to determine the best strategy for pursuing the hit animal. Also important to me is that he treated the tracker well. At the end of the safari he accompanied me into and through the airport to ensure I avoided any difficulties. I highly recommend Kerneels for your South African hunting adventure.

- Jerry Long

What a great experience my family and I had spending the week hunting in South Africa with Kerneels.

My two daughters were the hunters and Kerneels and Freddie took great care catering to my girls needs as hunters. They were kind and caring and my girls harvested some very nice animals and had a absolute blast doing it.

The thing that I appreciated the most was the diverse areas we hunted depending on the animals we were pursuing. From 10,000 feet in elevation a few hours drive to ranches right near our lodge each hunt was unique in it own way. My family felt we were amongst friends during our hunt and to this day. We definitely plan to join Monkane Safaris in our future for another South African hunting adventure......

When departing South Africa my girls said "Dad that was the best vacation ever". Now that is priceless!!!!!!

- Michael Williams

Coming from San Francisco, CA the opportunity to go out and see nature and disconnect from civilization is a rarity. My day generally starts with a quick run, a back to back commute and a long day in the office. When my dad made the suggestion of going to South Africa for a little over a week, I was a bit skeptical; however, it was years since I went abroad and going to the outskirts of South Africa sounded more tempting than doing a routine/common trip to Europe or Hawaii. Going to South Africa through Monkane Safari's was one of the best decisions I could have made! Upon arriving at the airport, we were promptly picked up and taken to our lodge. The lay out, serenity, and courtesy given by our hosts was impressive.

The moment finally came to where the hunt would begin. Growing up on a farm, it has been a few years since I went out hunting since moving to a big city, but Kerneels made sure all preparations were set in advance. Kerneels and his team knew the right moment and place to be where I got my animal. After a 22 hour trip to Africa, a driving from Johannesburg to Thabazimbi, and a brief practice shoots, I got my first animal. After getting away from the distractions back at home, I was able to better enjoy the amazing views of nature around me. As the days went on, my father and myself went for more game. The dedication of Kerneels and his team was best scene when I got my wildebeest. The wildebeest or the "poor man's buffalo" was a challenge, even though shooting it, we had to track it for four miles until I got my final shot in. Moses, our tracker was able to help find it when I thought it was lost. That was one of the biggest accomplishments for me of 2016!

I have to give credit to Kerneels and his wife Chantel for providing such a wonderful experience from hosting my father and myself, preparing all the food, a clean lodge, and an experience I will never forget. Monkane Safari's will make sure you get the most out of your trip and will not let you down.

- Edward and Nick Boss

Kerneels Viljoen (Monkane Safaris) was my Outfitter / PH for a plains game hunt my son and I did in June 2015 in the Limpopo. Kerneels id an OUTSTANDING job hosting us in South Africa. He is very responsive from planning stage throughout execution, a communicator who seeks to make your experience a first class, turn-key operation.He is a hard worker from before the sun-up until way late who is flexible and adaptive. When an unforeseen obstacle arises he works behind the scene to resolve -- so it is all but invisible to the client-- perfect! resourceful, generous ad of highest integrity. Excellent knowledge of South Africa’s flora and fauna and went out of his way to share that knowledge with my son (on his intro-trip) and myself. We harvested all planned game early and then did some additional hunting in the remaining time. Kerneels -- you’re a pleasure to share a hunting camp with and I thank you for providing my son and I trip to remember... I look forward to the next time!

- Bob Mortensen (Texas, USA)

Hunting with Kerneels was a wonderful experience for my first visit to South Africa. Great hunting grounds, he will put you in front of the animals you want and you just need to shoot straight. Kerneels were a fantastic guide. Not only was the hunting a lot of fun, just sharing delicious meals cooked, and sitting by the fire for drinks and chats in the evening was just such a treat. Would love to go back again someday and highly recommend these guys to anyone else interested in a great hunting trip to South Africa.

- Matt Ott

The first thing you need to know about Kerneels is that his is a young man with passion for hunting. I am a bear hunting outfitter from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada I have had the pleasure of knowing many outfitters, it is my experience that to find a person like Kerneels that of course outfits for his livelihood but more so because he genuinely loves to hunt, he treats every hunt like it’s his own. I have a very high standard of what I expect from a P.H., Kerneels and his staff worked very hard to deliver, to make our stay comfortable, and to ensure our African experience was just that, an experience. I have had the pleasure of hunting with Kerneels on two separate occasions, and now am looking forward to returning to get my trophy Eland. My first hunt in S.A. there were 14 of us, I spent the majority of my time running the video camera, but when I decided to bow hunt, Kerneels put me on a 24 inch Impala, and very big Female Zebra with ghost stripping. On my second trip to S.A. I took a 13 1/2 inch Warthog, a 16 inch blesbok, and my prized hunting trophy a 61 1/4 inch Kudu. Kerneels has access to some of the best concessions around, and a couple of absolutely brilliant local trackers. I have seen some amazing animals with him, everything from Sables to elephants, bushbucks to Gemsbok. If you have any inclination of visiting S.A. for a hunting holiday, you must really consider hunting with Kerneels. I know I will be back.

- Randy Haakonson

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